Bernard has written a significant number of articles for major Australian newspapers and magazines. Below are just a few.

GEELONG ADVERTISER, Saturday 13 August 2005
Soldier wins his battle
Life has been a struggle for Dennis Johnson. Bernard Clancy caught up with the Vietnam veteran.
As you're reading this you can bet your life that Vietnam veteran Dennis "Johnno" Johnson will be reading the Addy over his breakfast too. 
  But he'll probably be on the sports pages and reading a fair bit slower than you.
  You see, Johnno, who's pushing 60, has only been able to.............. read more
THE AGE, Thursday August 17, 2000
Fighting on
The drawing of a marble bearing his birth date changed everything for Peter Burns. Since his return from Vietnam, he and his wife have struggled with the consequences. At least now, writes Bernard Clancy, there is greater community support.
You can see Peter Burns' broad infectious grin driving at you from 100 metres away, his ruddy and rugged face shining around it. It's done a few miles, that face. He sits straight up in his four-wheel electric scooter like a rally driver.............. read more
THE AGE, Wednesday August 18, 1999
Revisiting Cairns
The moratorium marchers saw Jim Cairns as a hero, but the troops saw him as a traitor. Today, on Vietnam Veterans Day, Bernard Clancy, a veteran of the war, asks him if he's sorry.
Sometimes there is still fire in the voice of the old warrior, wielder of the pen of peace. More often , though, there's a tiredness, almost a sigh of resignation, of disappointment, that after such a long war, success was fleeting. No one listens any more to his still resonant, almost melodious voice. They used to, in their hundreds of thousands. But.............. read more
GEELONG ADVERTISER, Saturday August 16, 2008
The Long wait
A SOLDIER will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon - Napoleon
IT has always been thus, and remains so today. Why?
Today is Vietnam Veteran's Day. It was so decreed to commemorate the Battle of Long Tan, on August 18, 1966. It was a firefight in a rubber plantation in which 105 Australians and three Kiwis took on a vastly superior enemy force.............. read more
Rocco's MARLIN
It was against the odds, but a newcomer to the sport of trailerboat sportfishing scored a big marlin at his first try. Story by Victorian fishing writer Bernie Clancy.
There's a real estate salesman wandering the streets of Melbourne's north-eastern suburbs with his chest puffed out further than a toadfish in trauma. In fact, he's even resorted to barking at people " I'm Rocco .............. read more
THE SUNDAY AGE, 20 June, 2010

Two bridges over troubled waters

IT IS with eager anticipation I await the completion of the new bridges at Barwon Heads. Well, one of them is new, the other sort of. Confusing? Of course. Politics and change are involved, as are sea changers, conservationists, preservationists and other earnest believers in the inexact science of standstill time. 
  When the riband is cut pre-Christmas, what are we to call them?  In the style of Jeff’s Shed, a suggestion has been made that Harry’s Horrors would be appropriate, in honor of the man whose Solomonic edict commissioned them, Planning Minister and old footballer Justin “Harry” Madden ... read more