BRIAN “Donkey” Simpson, a typically naive young Australian thrust into uniform by his country, sets out on the adventure of a lifetime – or so he thinks.
But Vietnam is not what he expected. It’s a horror story. It is a life-threatening journey over which he has no control, an inch away from a bullet at any time.
A typical Army stuff-up throws him into this whirlpool of war, wrenching him first one way then another, like a puppet soldier on a string – but who’s pulling the strings? 
Best We Forget is the fast-paced story of Simpson and his mates, caught in a war between powerful ideologies which none of them understand.
They walk the fine line of sanity, swinging wildly between love and hate, pathos and humor, patriotism and treason, life and pointless death. 
It is the story of the Vietnam veteran you’ve never read before: the souls of Australia’s first “fighting failures” are laid bare; the blunderbuss firepower of American military might blunted by little brown men in car tyre sandals.
It is the story of six-gun totin’ crazy American generals, of drug-crazed grunts grasping kangaroo feathers to keep themselves alive; of corrupt South Vietnamese politicians and seductive Mata Hari spies. 
It is an out-of-control roller coaster of classic farce, intrigue, double-cross, espionage – and black, black humor.
Because despite the madness, they still laughed ‘til they died.

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